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Through continuous urbanisation, it is anticipated that by 2050 there will be as many people in cities as there are on the planet today? In order to manage this extreme growth and the increased levels of pollution and congestion, we require scalable and extendable technology to increase the efficiency of urban flow – as well as make carbon-free cities achievable.  Cambridge Electric Transport is dedicated to developing sustainable transport solutions to meet these challenges.

We have developed a programme to provide a Community E-bike Service for villages, with the possibility of funding from the South Cambs Zero Carbon Fund.
Sean Moroney CEO M: 07973 499224 L: 01223 667798 E:

ZERO CARBON Communities Grant  South Cambs District Council
The Zero Carbon Communities Grant supports voluntary and community sector groups, charities and parish councils seeking to deliver bold, ambitious projects that engage communities and support the aim of zero carbon emissions by 2050


We Are Facing A Climate Emergency. Our Planet is in Peril.

We are facing an existential crisis which demands our urgent response

Grants Support individuals and organisations working to disrupt the status quo

The Climate Emergency Fund provides funding to individuals and organisations that demonstrate the intention and capability of disrupting with urgency the inadequate and immoral gradual approach governments around the world are taking to address the climate emergency . 

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