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ZCM member initiated projects:

  • ZCM Eco Refills & wildflower seeds stall Three Tuns Village Market stall (Thank you Rachel). Range to be extended i.e. food / veg swaps [please donate your old plastic bottles for us to use]

  • ‘Pass it on books’ scheme for environmental books (Rachel & Andy)

  • Thermal camera loaned from Transition Towns Letchworth (TTL)  to spot where you have cold / draughty areas (can be re-loaned at anytime, best during the cold mid winter months)

  • website (was

  • Two village meetings organised February 2020 (pre Covid) communicating the problem and investigating what we can do in Guilden Morden. Invites posted (by hand) to every household

  • More Trees for Steeple - 96 trees planted so far (June 2021), ongoing (thank you Nettie and Sacha)

  • Collecting traditional hard to recycle waste to raise money for charity (Crankshaw family) Three Tuns car park Guilden (locations in Steeple already / Sarah’s farm shop) (thank you Louise) Via

  • Vegetarian recipes on ZCM facebook page (thank you Gina)


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