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'Our relationship with  FOOD needs to change' Amelia Womack. 8th August 2019

Seeds, kale and red meat once a month – how to EAT THE DIET that will save the WORLD
A complete overhaul of what we eat may be the only way to meet the needs of a planet in crisis. So what’s on – and off – the menu?

PLANT BASED DIET can fight climate change - UN
Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, UN experts have said.
A major report on land use and climate change says the West's high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming. But scientists and officials stopped short of explicitly calling on everyone to become vegan or vegetarian. They said that more people could be fed using less land if individuals cut down on eating meat.


FAIRHAVENS Whole foods Letchworth

BAMBOO TURTLE  Zero waste shopping Letchworth
Take your own containers / bags


SARAH'S FARM SHOP - search for on facebook. Steeple Morden

Find a farmers' market near you and purchase food that has been produced locally and has not been driven all around the country (although these sites do not list every farmers' market).

Find me a Local MIKLMAN
Gives a link to your local doorstep deliverers via your postcode. Some now deliver organic milk.

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