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More Trees for Guilden
With some support from our Parish Council we are planning a project to add more trees in and around our village. As well as being beautiful, trees provide a home for wildlife, absorb pollution and store some of the carbon we put into the atmosphere. Planting trees also makes us feel good and we can all do with some of that!

You can help make to make it happen!
We can supply a range of British native trees along with guards. We need YOUR ideas for where to plant them, and/or offers of help to plant this coming winter. Or maybe you have space in your garden for a tree? Are you a landowner who could offer space for trees? We can help and advise you about what trees could go where.

We hope you’ll join in, and that thinking about trees will give you something positive and hopeful to look forward to. With your help we can get started this winter and have our trees leafing up next spring.

Reply now using the form below:
Enter text in as many boxes as you wish, and add at least one method of contact.

Thank you!


September 2021 progress report PDF

Yes, I’d like to help with more trees for Guilden Morden:

I would like to offer a space for a tree/trees in my garden. (Ideally where visible to the whole community, eg front garden or alongside a path or road).

I have a suggestion below for a possible public space in the village for a tree/s to be planted:

I am a local landowner and would consider a tree/trees being planted on my land, or allowing trees to be tagged in my hedgerows to grow into mature specimens

I/We would like to adopt and care for a newly planted tree for its first few years.

I/We would like to volunteer to help plant trees this autumn/winter.

Your contact details will only be used to contact you about the project

Thanks for submitting!

or contact Andy or Rachel on 01763 852007


Phil Porter 01763 852692

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