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  • Work up a plan i.e. adopting best practise for our green spaces and verges

  • ZCM to be Green advisors to the GMPC (via Nik)

  • Adopt the the ZCM proposed S/GMPC Green Charter

  • ZCM page on Parish Council website

  • Communicate ideas and policy’s via Gamut / S-GMPC / to parishioners: Include (CCF) average UK carbon footprint figures (15 tonnes average per person - Sustainable = 3 tonnes per person. One long distance flight = 5 tonnes. Embodied Carbon Dioxide in a ~2010 Land Rover Discovery 35 tonnes)

  • Investigate the use of any PC section 106 money for Green activities

  • PC’s to ask formally SCDC / C&P Mayor / Government for more funds and powers to enable and make the required changes

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